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Information and resources found on are provided for educational and informational purposes only. The website information is not and should not be construed as providing counseling, psychotherapy, psychological treatment or psychological advice, and is intended only for use by users in search of general information pertaining to psychotherapy, relationships, trauma, and related topics. Content is not intended to replace or serve as a substitute for professional consultation or service. 

No Psychotherapist-Client Relationship

Use of this website does not constitute the establishment of a psychotherapist-client relationship between Jann Dodd, Ph.D. and a user, and does not obligate Jann Dodd, Ph.D. to follow-up, contact, or accept as a client any users of the website. A psychologist client relationship will only be established during an initial in person or telehealth meeting after a client has registered with Jann Dodd, Ph.D. client portal, filled out a new client questionnaire, and signed an informed consent for psychotherapy form. If you are experiencing an emotional or personal problem, or are considering making decisions for your life, marriage or other relationship, and are seeking advice, you should base any and all decisions on the judgment and advice of your personal mental health professional or physician who has evaluated you.

No user of content from this website, clients or otherwise, should act or refrain from acting based on information found on this site. The content of this website is not guaranteed as to its accuracy, completeness, or applicability.

This website, its owner, contributors and assignees expressly disclaim responsibility for any liability or loss which may be incurred as a direct or indirect outcome of the use or application of any of the advice, comments, or information on this website. In no event shall we be liable for direct, indirect, consequential, special, exemplary, or other damages related to your use of the information on our website. By purchasing or using any of my services, you agree to and are knowingly assuming all risks associated with using my services.

Although we make strong efforts to make sure our information is accurate, Jann Dodd, Ph.D.  cannot guarantee that all the information on this website and or blog is always correct, complete, or up-to-date.

Photographs displayed on this website are personal photos or stock photos used with permission/rights. Licensed images are used for illustrative purposes only and the people depicted in these images are models and not actual therapy clients of Jann Dodd, Ph.D.

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